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Examples of our work and methods

The following selection enables a deep dive into examples of our capabilities and offerings that can be leveraged across sectors and geographies.


Case Study

A muddy business – Who makes the race?

Global competition and new competitors are forcing OEMs for recreational vehicles to improve cost performance in order to maintain corporate profitability. Learn how product benchmarking can help.


Case Study

A new era in purchasing initialized

Facing new challenges, a German OEM made his way to transform his purchasing department with all the consequences that entails. Learn how we supported the groundbreaking transformation to achieve its ambitious targets.


Case Study

Agile Transformation of an OEM’s Purchasing Department

Further development of functional tasks, the way of working, and the organizational setup are a must in order to ensure performance and competitiveness. Find out how we can help you establish a new way of working!



Aligning Technical and Economical Interests for Premium OEM

Automotive players are addressing the CO₂ challenge with ambitious initiatives. Yet, the roadmap to achieve climate neutrality is long and complex. Read here how to make development approaches future ready!



Bringing negotiation results to the next level

Negotiations are often conducted with limited results because purchasing is not fully utilizing its purchasing power. We have developed a success-proven approach to unlock significant savings in your supply base – fast!


Case Study

Business segment analysis for a technology leader

To remain competitive and profitable, strategic positioning must be evaluated – as shown in our example for a leading Tier 1 provider.



Capital investments optimization yields significant savings

Across all industries, hundreds of billions of euros are spent globally each year on new production technologies and facilities. And further capital investments will be required. Benefit from our optimization projects!



Center of Excellence Costing

Methods supporting a constructive conversation between functions, suppliers and cost experts are key to capturing value. See how we help to make the difference by using best-in-class methods.


Case Study

Cost-out program delivers savings of 2.6 bn euros

Managing costs is becoming increasingly important. In this case, a world leading automotive supplier faced the challenge of getting the development of a new product back on track, both technically and commercially.


Case Study

Delivering Target Costing for a global Tier-1

Competition has been threatening margins of most firms for the last years. See how we help to make the difference by injecting best-in-class thinking on target costing to achieve sustainable competitive advantages.



Digital product- and service universe

Communications and entertainment products provide a higher benefit when they are interconnected. See how a manufacturing company created a product ecosystem.


Case Study

Digitalization Strategy for mobility solution provider

Focus is king – especially if you pursue digitalization projects that can deliver immediate results. TSETINIS - EFESO helped a Tier 1 leader shoot at the right targets.



Digitalization Trend Radar for an insurance company

Keeping up with the latest tech trends is important. If you don’t, you might miss a chance to grow or even re-invent your business, while you secure your current value proposition at the same time.



Embrace Sustainability and the Circular Economy

The shift toward a circular economy requires major changes in business, supply chains, and consumer behavior. See what levers are available for success.



Fighting the Supply Chain Crisis

Creating resilient supply chains is a new common task. For most organizations this is a challenge, and they struggle to balance resilience measures with cost and competitiveness. Learn how we can help you to be resilient.


Case Study

Growing Cost Engineering Excellence

Competition has been threatening margins of most firms in recent years. See how we help to make the difference by injecting best-in-class thinking on target costing to achieve sustainable competitive advantages.



Reducing CO₂ Emissions by > 200k Tons/Year

Setting-up and rolling out the right emissions reduction strategy is more important than ever. Here you can find out more on what was the secret sauce for success at one of the world's leading aerospace manufacturers.



Holistic Profitability Programs are a Game Changer!

Professional profitability management is key in an uncertain technology and market environment. Learn how we can help you establish our proven concept within your company!



How CO₂ Prices Impact Globalization Strategies

Have you ever thought about how to make CO₂ reduction or elimination programs a success? Learn how to integrate ecological, technological, and economic interests into your approach.



How to set up indirect functions within an emerging volatile market

What is the best-in-class operations resource? That’s easy to answer for blue collar, based on the defined production system and shift pattern, but how best to deal with indirect, white collar functions?


Case Study

How to “iron” product costs in the white goods business

The white goods business is fiercely competitive, and prices are constantly falling. New products need to deliver profitability from the start. Learn how we helped increase the performance of an ironing product portfolio.


Case Study

Invest cost savings in e-mobility production equipment

How to optimize investment cost in new e-mobility production equipment, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the automotive industry and has a massive impact on competitiveness.



Making next generation Cost Engineering real

Cost Engineering has become a key capability for many of the world's leading firms. Yet, in many cases current capabilities are no longer fit to support the changing business requirements. Let’s get ready for the future.


Case Study

Profitable Green Energy – possible or wishful thinking?

The industry is responding to declining ROI in wind power with gigantism, increasing vulnerability to SC resilience, and cost risks. Learn how to predict ROI impacts and resilience risks for wind energy of the future.



Purchasing basics – the new modern?

Permanent crisis management in purchasing consumes many available resources, and root causes get out of sight. Existing structures are unable to manage the risks. We know how to get you back on track – sustainably!



Quality drives “Competitive maturity”

Product maturity and quality are critical to achieving cost targets and profitability – especially in an uncertain technology and customer environment. Find out how we can help you reduce quality cost and resolution.



Quo Vadis Value Analysis / Value Engineering?

DTC and VA / VE are established cost optimization measures. But what happens if they fail to deliver the desired savings? Weaknesses must be identified and optimized to use these methods in a value-adding manner. Learn how!



Realizing the automotive factory of the future

Discover how one of the most prominent vehicle manufacturers is exploiting the new technological possibilities of the fourth industrial revolution to combine productive efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Case Study

Strategic portfolio optimization in automotive

Future revenues will come from digital services. But what to focus on and how to monetize them? TSETINIS - EFESO supported a premium OEM in developing a high-margin digital services portfolio.



Supplier cooperation workshops

Suppliers can be major drivers of value creation and cost out, but their active integration is often severely neglected. Huge savings potential remains untapped. Learn how we can help you reach the next level of savings.



Sustainable best cost sourcing

Carbon penalties, natural disasters and a changing political landscape are endangering global supply chains. Our sustainable best cost sourcing approach provides solutions to redesign global supply chains at best cost.



The competitiveness of e-mobility startups

Startups and established OEMs are focusing on e-mobility. While the latter have the financial power, startups are funded to become the next unicorn. Learn how we help manage costs and profitability right from the start.



The pressure is mounting – Use it to your advantage!

A professional Project Management Office is a must, but requirements are constantly changing and make an integration into daily business difficult. We could be your partner in breaking new ground!



Turnaround Programs as Opportunity

Turnaround programs are about more than cutting costs; they also offer opportunities. Find out about our model that combines four strategic areas, and embeds stakeholder and HR management in the legal framework.


Case Study

We rethink operations to strengthen competitiveness

Best practice resource utilization and resource dimensioning for indirect functions is key to achieving competitive cost structures in operations.



How to deliver the interior of the future

With Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous cars, the car user’s focus will move from “driving a car” to “experiencing the car interior”. Learn how this fundamental shift will challenge the current positioning of Tier X interior suppliers.


Case Study

Stop talking, start acting – how to grow integrity of sustainability initiatives

The rapid increase of corporate climate pledges makes it even more difficult to distinguish between climate leadership and greenwashing. Find out how we help to bring integrity back into “Sustainability”.



Leveraging Global Business Services in Automotive

Top-performing companies are getting real value out of Global Business Services. However, the automotive sector is lagging behind – there is still development potential to be leveraged. Let us show you how you can catch-up and benefit from best practice GBS. Fast.



End-to-End Inflation Management – How to boost Corporate Inflation Recovery

Financially pre-stressed automotive supply chain faces record inflationary pressures worldwide due to overall rising costs. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that the existence of many Tier N suppliers is threatened. We know how to minimize the impact of inflation-related additional costs and to optimize your recovery ratio by using our proven approach.



Strategic Performance Improvement with Digitalization at its core

With the ongoing and accelerating industry transformation, securing profitability remains a challenge for traditional automotive OEM/Tier-1 manufacturer. Learn how digitalization can impact the P&L of Tier X manufacturers and what needs to be done to make performance improvement happen and stick.



INFINITY PMO – Plan, Prepare, Manage, Implement

We prioritize transparency to maintain a big picture during turbulent times. Our efficient Infinity PMO has assisted many clients in pioneering projects and can help lead your company to success.



Designing future production networks

Designing a global production network while considering the complexity drivers of tomorrow is a sophisticated task. With our approach, this challenge can also be mastered efficiently and sustainably.



Integrated Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) - How to improve Free Cash Flow and demand fulfillment

TSETINIS - EFESO is ready to support you to bring your Sales & Operations Planning to the next level to stay ahead of competition and secure your business success based on our four pillar S&OP concept.



Long-term implications on global energy price levels will impact the European industry - how to act?

Energy costs within Europe will remain at a very high level due to the new energy mix and the impact on long-term procurement contracts. Therefore, companies have an acute need for action to counteract. Become active and meet the cost storm with the appropriate countermeasures.



Boosting Factory Performance

Are crises hurting your factory's profit margins? We offer support with proven methods. Let's redesign your factory and boost its performance. Choose us to overcome these challenges and emerge stronger.

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