How to unlock savings inside your biggest cost lever and become future ready in materials management

Material Costs are the biggest lever industrial companies have to improve cost performance. Given the importance of Purchasing and Procurement, little improvements can make a big difference. We know what best practice looks like and we help you unlock sustainable savings potential. Fast and until delivery.

Fighting the
supply chain crisis

Building resilient supply chains is a common task – always, not just after the Covid-19 pandemic or recent natural disasters. It is a challenging task for most organizations, given the analytical and practical problems to be resolved. Even when proper measures are identified, organizations struggle to balance resiliency measures. Hence, we study individual challenges and competitiveness when designing resilient supply chains.

Sustainable sourcing
at best costs

Carbon penalties, local content requirements, climate incidents, and changes in the political landscape are putting pressure on global supply chains. To avoid significant cost increases, companies need to reconfigure them. Sustainable, resilient, and competitive supply chains are key to the future success of companies. Our Sustainable Best Cost Sourcing approach provides solutions for reshaping global industrial supply chains at best cost.

Purchasing & Procurement Excellence –
How to unlock your profit reserves

The question that keeps many of our clients up at night is how to unlock next level customer value/savings in an uncertain environment. We at TSETINIS-EFESO share your passion for your products and we help you master Materials Management and Sourcing challenges. Turning savings opportunities into reality is our mission. Learn and understand how to unlock your profit reserves.

A new era in purchasing initialized

Facing new challenges, a German OEM made his way to transform his purchasing department with all the consequences that entails. Learn how we supported the groundbreaking transformation to achieve its ambitious targets.

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Purchasing basics – the new modern?

Permanent crisis management in purchasing consumes many available resources, and root causes get out of sight. Existing structures are unable to manage the risks. We know how to get you back on track – sustainably!

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Our Specialists

Working with the most qualified TSETINIS-EFESO Consultants is key to your success.

Speak with an expert in your industry who can help you move your company toward your specific goals. We implement our expertise in a very specific and targeted way and tailor the choice of methods to your individual requirements. In this way, we can ensure your long-term success.

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