Transforming operations into future requirements – How to successfully bridge the gap between operational strategy and the shop floor

Operations determine the success of driving added value. In most industries, Operations employ the most people, as well as requiring the highest investments (CAPEX). Therefore, getting them right is of strategic importance for any firm.

Our global best practices approach helps you increase efficiency and operational performance from strategy down to the shop floor.


Optimizing indirect /
direct functions

Fundamental or continuous changes within the business model require resource adjustments. We have a set of approved tools and methods to identify and use levers for improvement. For more than 20 years, we have been helping customers realize potential across all operational functions.


Capital investments

We support you in optimizing the spending and sourcing of investments (production equipment and facilities). Our services cover all project phases – from demand management, concept definition, and specification to final negotiation support.

Competitive manufacturing cost

Our operations excellence program helps to safeguard business growth via competitive lean process and structure. Together with your team, we develop individual and customized solutions to increase efficiency – sustainably and measurably.

Transform Operations into best practices

Manufacturing industries will increasingly face the CO₂ reduction challenge. The projected impact of emissions is massive, driving new pricing schemes for CO₂ – while adding substantial costs! Getting this right is of strategic interest – especially as those changes do impact global production footprints and supply chains, requiring firms to re-evaluate business cases of the entire product portfolio.

How to set up indirect functions within an emerging volatile market

What is the best-in-class operations resource? That’s easy to answer for blue collar, based on the defined production system and shift pattern, but how best to deal with indirect, white collar functions?

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Invest cost savings in e-mobility production equipment

How to optimize investment cost in new e-mobility production equipment, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the automotive industry and has a massive impact on competitiveness.

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Our Specialists

Working with the most qualified TSETINIS-EFESO Consultants is key to your success.

Speak with an expert in your industry who can help you move your company toward your specific goals. We implement our expertise in a very specific and targeted way and tailor the choice of methods to your individual requirements. In this way, we can ensure your long-term success.

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Operations Excellence
Organizational Performance

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Operations Excellence
Holistic Reorganization
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