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We turn complexity into opportunity.

Consultants at Tsetinis are experts in performance excellence. We build on unique experiences as lead advisors for the automotive industry, consequently combining best-practice thinking with the strive for distinction in innovation – for products, processes, structures and business models.

Together with our clients, we find the best way to adapt and transform to achieve enduring results. Fast.


Top professionals with years of experience, deep insights and a clear vision in performance optimization. At Tsetinis Consulting, you meet senior advisors at the top of their trades who, by now, know their business intuitively.


Processes that are tried and tested, following a straighforward methodology. Tsetinis Consulting commands an industry-leading consultancy toolkit with tailored modules that will ensure your goal: performance excellence.


It is the result that counts. Significant and measurable performance gains are achieved in partnership. The experts at Tsetinis Consulting go "all in" to achieve your goals. Because passion creates impact. We are in it together.


We are a leading business consultancy and a champion for profitability improvement with a unique track record of benefits delivery.

A uniquely holistic management consulting approach with deep technological expertise is our trademark. We have built our team and processes to enable end-to-end innovation for complex market challenges, from initial concept to successful market launch.


The transformation towards a technology driven world is vital to enable a sustainable future – together with you and your teams we take that on and inject new thinking in order to become future ready.

Jost Kamenik

Chief Executive Officer


Given the importance of Materials and Supply Chain Management, little improvements can already make a big impact. We know how best practice looks like and we help to unlock savings potentials. Fast and until delivery.

Martin Kruschel



The sustainability targets and technology transformation leads to a high cost pressure – together with you and your teams we take that on and support in projects to increase product profitability based at precise cost structure information.

Oliver Briegel



Digitizing a company does not only mean introducing new technologies but also changing organization, culture and communication – and measuring the impact of corresponding actions.

Dr. Gunther Wagner



Customer orientation, adaptability, speed and implementation skills are essential success factors in an environment of continuous change. Together with your team, we strengthen competitiveness through market-driven cost structures, agile organizational forms and a flexible production system.

Thomas Plasa


Margin improvement is our focus – our holistic services portfolio includes all action areas to increase performance and profitability.

Sales and Marketing Performance
Improve market positioning
and pricing
Optimize business models, structure, processes and output
Reduce Total Cost of Ownership and product costs

To achieve margin improvement, we work on both the price and cost side, leveraging their combined effects.

Sales and market performance includes market- and competitor-analyses, price sensitivity, technical due dilligences and cost disclosure management. Organizational efficiency will be improved via a tailored performance management program and can be accelerated, e.g. by deploying a turnaround management. We tackle product profitability by looking at product costing, product design as well as the relevant process chain, from procurement to production itself.

Our promise of high quality is distinguished by transparency, objectivity, exclusivity and confidentiality as well as the responsible management of your available resources.


While we are leading experts in improving the performance of companies and their dedicated functions, Tsetinis Consulting delivers unique, end-to-end services, from cradle to grave.

With a holistic consulting approach that covers the entire value chain, from product conception and R&D to purchasing and production and related operations and processes, we enable you to leverage your resources and rise to the next level of productivitiy and business acumen.

Take our word for it: We stand by our analyzes and recommendations and accompany you in the implementation phase in achieving the intended results.

Performance Excellence
  • Product Costing
    Leveraging cost structure analysis and cost estimating, TCO and supply chain simulations, best practice cost-, tooling- and investment analysis.
  • Performance Management
    Including turnaround management, organizational performance, program management, performance tracking and reporting as well as profitability programs.
  • CO₂ / Substainability
    Assisting with cradle-to-grave (or cradle-to-cradle) CO₂ calculations, including scope 1, 2 and 3, throughout the lifecycle of your products and processes. This includes carbon reduction strategy and governance, climate risk and reporting and transitions to Circular Economy.
Operational Excellence
  • Operations
    Future readiness assessment of global production footprints, process automation and industry 4.0, manufacturing process optimization, invest cost optimization, value stream optimization as well as supply chain and delivery concepts.
  • Materials Management
    360° part analysis, global competitive sourcing, BOM management and measure tracking, advance supplier negotiations, advanced sourcing and competative events, as well as category and supplier management.
  • Research and Development
    Our R&D portfolio of services includes product benchmarking, complexity managment, function-cost-analysis, (re)design-to-cost and supplier interface workshops.
  • Strategy and Innovation
    We can assist you in developing and implementing your product market strategy, innovation strategy and portfolio optimization.
Capability Management
  • Academy
    Our unique capability management training services include product cost calculations, technology training, value analysis, cost out methods, cost structure negotiations and 360° negotiation consultancy.

Examples of our work and methods - getting your food for thought!

Experienced in the automotive, engineering, manufacturing, technology, machinery and aerospace industries, Tsetinis Consulting enables clients to work modularly and with tested approaches. The result for you is clear: Lower cost, higher quality and improved speed. End-to-end. Across all functions.

The following selection enables a deep-dive into examples of capabilities and offerings that can be utilized across sectors and geographies.

How we

Optimize Performance Excellence

How we

Tackle Product Costing

How we

Manage CO₂ / Sustainability

How we

Transform Operations

How we

Redefine Materials Management

How we

Steer Digitalization

How we

Improve Capability Management

We implement our expertise in a very specific and targeted way and tailor the choice of methods to your individual requirements. In this way, we can ensure your long-term success.

Would you like to know more? Let's talk!


Sustainable performance optimization means tangible and countable results. To achieve them, we leverage our best-in-class approach for how to calculate and optimize your cost base and enable consequent trade-off with quality, speed, function and emissions.

And we look at every aspect associated with cost. Because going into profound detail helps you stand out, adding value to your performance.

Our value proposition includes:

  • End-to-end innovation for complex solutions, from initial idea to market launch, across sectors and geographies, with clear and measurable performance gains.
  • Access to senior experts with proven industry expertise who give you unique insights that deliver results.
  • Entering into a collaborative partnership to share benefits and risks and to jointly achieve significant improvements.

Long lasting customer relationships with top references from different industries characterize our client portfolio.

Valued for the way we help businesses streamline their performance, Tsetinis Consulting works with some of the world's largest companies in the auto, life science and health and manufacturing industries, at times partnering with companies to achieve the best outcome for everyone.

Alfa Romeo
Daimler Trucks
Land Rover
Magneti Marelli
Meyer Werft

We are honored to have helped accomplished players from diverse sectors with achieving margin improvement and performance excellence.

Read what our clients have to say about it.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Tsetinis Consulting has been actively supporting ZF for several years in the design and optimization of materials management. Their trusting and result-oriented way of cooperating, the competence with which they understand our problems and their ability to develop tailor-made, solution-oriented concepts sets them apart.

Wilhelm Rehm

Member of the Board

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

As a leader in mobility solutions, ZF has to provide value in next-generation automotive technology. Tsetinis installed an end-to-end profitability framework in our organization, helping our management identify key profitability levers in our product development and supply chain.

Markus Schwabe

Senior Vice President Electrified Powertrain Systems


Teams that transform – teams matter to us. That's why working with the most qualified Tsetinis Consultants is key to your success.

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Speak with an expert in your industry who can help you move your company toward your specific goals. Or reach out to us if you are interested in joining our team at Tsetinis Consulting.

Michael Gatterbauer

Business Development

Stefanie Knapek

Human Resources