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How to safeguard and ensure long-term profitability across all industries

Ensuring company or program profitability is key for sustainable growth and competitiveness. Establishing a smart and collaborative program can help organizations deliver fast, quantifiable and transparent results. 


Companies across all industries are still struggling to implement holistic profitability programs as a standard to manage their biggest performance issues


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Profitability programs – Game changer

Managing costs is becoming more vital than ever these days due to various factors that are changing the way industries look ahead. For example, new CO₂ emissions regulations, or restrictions on sourcing markets due to new import tariffs – all triggering an intense pursuit of cost efficiency. Many companies look for it – but few succeed in finding it.


Turnaround programs as opportunity

Traditionally, turnaround programs call for cost cutting measures that streamline product and services portfolios, and result in shrinking profits. While these quickfire responses seem a logical response to ensure cashflow and liquidity, they also create long-term costs reducing focus on innovation and growth, and in some instances influencing the way you are viewed by customers and communities you serve. Changing that situation offers huge opportunity!

What we deliver

We are specialists in Turnaround Management Programs and help organizations transform and transition toward the next level. All of which is backed up with an outstanding Program Management & Reporting approach that provides our clients with a benchmark for resolving complex situations.

Exploit turnaround potential – Management


Exploit turnaround potential – Management

Turnaround- and Transformation Management programs are key to regaining competitiveness and helping create an environment that can adapt to market disruptions and changing customer requirements.

Next level organizational performance


Next level organizational performance

New working models and a scalable lean and agile framework enable enterprises to achieve greater Business Agility – improving performance by constantly adapting to ever-changing market conditions in the age of digitalization.

Program Management Office (PMO) & Reporting


Program Management Office (PMO) & Reporting

Our PMO approach goes far beyond improvements to known cost monitoring standards. We offer a world class tracking & reporting system that allows for full transparency. All to help keep your programs on track.

Performance Boost Profitability program


Performance Boost Profitability program

New and disruptive technologies determine the future success of a company. Holistic profitability programs are the perfect solution for revitalizing and ensuring a sustainable company's profitability.

Quote external BG (cris-ovalle-YTk8tO3PGdA-unsplash).jpg
Quote external BG (cris-ovalle-YTk8tO3PGdA-unsplash).jpg

ZF Friedrichshafen AG

“As a leader in mobility solutions, ZF has to provide next-generation automotive technology value. The end-to-end profitability framework installed by TC has helped ZF management identify key profitability levers in our product development and supply chain."

Markus Schwabe

Senior Vice President Electrified Powertrain Systems

Examples of our work and methods – get your food for thought!

The following selection enables a deep dive into examples of our capabilities and offerings that can be leveraged across sectors and geographies.



The pressure is mounting – Use it to your advantage!

A professional Project Management Office is a must, but requirements are constantly changing and make an integration into daily business difficult. We could be your partner in breaking new ground!



Turnaround Programs as Opportunity

Turnaround programs are about more than cutting costs; they also offer opportunities. Find out about our model that combines four strategic areas, and embeds stakeholder and HR management in the legal framework.



Aligning Technical and Economical Interests for Premium OEM

Automotive players are addressing the CO₂ challenge with ambitious initiatives. Yet, the roadmap to achieve climate neutrality is long and complex. Read here how to make development approaches future ready!

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