How to set up indirect functions within an emerging volatile market

Dimensioning of indirect production plant functions within an emerging, volatile, and new technologies market situation of e-mobility.

Transformation of the automotive industry into e-mobility

The automotive industry is facing a massive transformation need, especially from combustion engine to electric drive. This results in complex plant structures with multiple different product designs, new processes, advanced technologies, and new qualification profiles.

To be part of this new market, automotive production plants need to improve profitability under constantly changing conditions while at the same time safeguarding the production ramp-up.

The sales trend within automotive drive types indicates a paradigm shift from conventional to electrified drive trains

How to set up indirect functions of operations

  • Significantly increasing demands within e-mobility
  • Highly volatile market demands
  • Changing preferences of customers
  • Dimensioning of target picture of operations functions of a recently started greenfield production plant
  • Increasing pressure to improve profitability

The number of projects from 2021 to 2023 are significantly increasing

How to optimize and set up indirect functions of operations

We had to define a clear target picture for each individual indirect operational function of the greenfield plant and determine short-, mid- and long-term actions to adapt and improve indirect FTE resources to increase profitability and ensure a smooth production ramp-up of new products. We also had to determine the resource utilization for indirect functions in the ramp-up phase, integrating new technologies and producing common products in parallel.

Defining best practice blue print via benchmarking and functional analysis

With external benchmarking and bottom-up functional reviews with our experts we jointly derived an aligned plan to increase staff efficiency within an emerging and volatile market situation.

  • We reviewed the expected ramp-up of the plant
  • We derived an external benchmark for allocated personnel resources
  • We developed a master plan with the plant management to improve resource utilization while reducing the planned staff ramp-up

Levers are based on top-down Benchmarking as well as bottom-up (workshop) functional analysis

We delivered a holistic target picture for indirect functions. We defined short-, mid- and long-term actions with average 20 percent FTE savings committed by plant management team for:

  • Quality Management
  • Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Production Engineering

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