The competitiveness of e-mobility startups

In the automotive market, startups, innovators, and established players are currently focusing on the field of e-mobility. While the latter can rely on established networks and financial power, startups are funded by investors looking for the next tech unicorn.

Our Profitability Toolbox provides solutions to manage product costs and keep profitability on track – right from the beginning.

Old vs. New – E-mobility startups and innovators popping up like mushrooms

Tesla has shown that a pioneer can sustainably deliver cars despite being an industry outsider. Startups around the world are trying to emulate that example by entering the automotive market. Automotive OEMs are leveraging their full financial capability and market power to catch up, while startups are forced to rely on the patience and trust of their investors – that patience is wearing thin.

No time to evolve – profitability expectations right from the beginning

Even though the automotive market is uncharted territory for startups and innovators, they are expected to be able to operate profitably in the fast lane.

But they have no supportive supply chain to rely on. Small quantities and lack of market power result in high product costs and financial losses, severely endangering their competitiveness and survival.

How can you compete against established car manufacturers?

Most startups and innovative companies fail because their products are neither marketable nor competitive. Smart ideas often end in over-designed, over-specced complexity.

But how can this cost-driving circle be broken? How do you design competitive products and choose a competitive supply chain? And how do you strengthen investor relations and convince them to be tolerant?

The focus must be on fast lane profitability

Startups and innovative companies have only a small window of opportunity to survive in the shark tank of the automotive industry. Smart, innovative and best-cost enabling product design, as well as volume-dependent selection and management along the supply chain and an optimal negotiation setup despite a lack of bargaining power are critical to success in reaching profitability right from the beginning.

We have a proven track-record supporting automotive startups and innovators to achieve their profitability right from the beginning.

Our profitability toolbox contains the levers to:

  • Ensure smart and best-cost enabling product designs
  • Generate cost transparency about parts, tools, and investments
  • Manage the supply chain and select best-cost suppliers.

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