The pressure is mounting – Use it to your advantage!

Industry transformation is causing over 70 percent of companies to say they feel increasingly under pressure. That mounting pressure leads to rushed and ill-considered decisions at the beginning of projects that can result in serious consequences down the road. Anticipating the right adjustments early can help – but managing the situation with an efficient Project Management Office (PMO) can still be a challenge for most firms.

Well known from the past – but more complex for the future!

The PMO approach is on the rise. The expectations of a PMO in terms of effectiveness and efficiency are high and rarely met in practice.

The trickiness of this challenge is independent of industry and affects firms that want to keep pace into the future.

Using a PMO is not a groundbreaking trend – but requirements are constantly changing and make an integration into daily business difficult.

New challenges demand new approaches

Digitalization, AI, and global challenges (CO₂ regulations, Semi Cond. shortages, Covid-19) have forced firms to react to changes that have fundamentally challenged existing processes and structures.

For this reason, PMOs must be able to adapt to new requirements and prove they can deliver real added value for project stakeholders in the company in such circumstances.

How do you introduce new PMO approaches into an organization?

We at TSETINIS-EFESO asked ourselves how impacts on businesses could be counteracted, and in answer, we developed a holistic PMO approach.

During its conception, we also dealt with that question ourselves, rethinking our own processes and structures.

How do we bring our years of experience in line with the trends of the future? How do we integrate our flagship service of software-based tracking & reporting into PMO?

Harmonization of simple but extensive PMO is the game changer you need.

Survey data indicates that using an established PMO will deliver high-quality projects and assure your business attains the intended benefits.

We have developed a comprehensive PMO-Toolbox that includes all the key elements you need to increase performance and profitability – such as best-in-class software solutions and tailor-made methods for clients in various industries.

What our PMO delivers

There is no doubt that there are as many PMO concepts as there are big-name consultancies. Still, it is essential to tackle future challenges with solutions that have been developed with that future in mind.

Interested to know if TSETINIS-EFESO could be your partner in breaking new ground? Contact us and let‘s discuss how to set up our proven concept in your organization!

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Speak with an expert in your industry who can help you move your company toward your specific goals. We implement our expertise in a very specific and targeted way and tailor the choice of methods to your individual requirements. In this way, we can ensure your long-term success.

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