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Over the entire product life cycle, companies are continuously challenged by changing circumstances that have an impact on their product cost targets. A precise forecast of the achievable costs as well as an active modeling are the key drivers of a target cost management.

Early and accurate determination of costs in an E2E process is the key to actively influence costs over the product lifecycle

Effective cost management needs to cover the whole organization

For an effective cost management, the abilities to

  • understand cost drivers,
  • identify cost down measures,
  • implement a cross-functional cooperation

are key for success.

In many companies the right methods, tools, or capabilities for an effective cost management are simply not available. Therefore, a sufficient cost baselining, forecasting, and influencing needs to be established.

How we tackled the challenge

We supported an effective cost management with:

  • The right tools used by cost experts from our Center of Excellence Costing
  • Cross-functional collaboration in validation and realization

Our strong project management integrates our Costing experts with the departments.


Tools & methods used in active cost management

Delivered! The start of a new journey

With this setup we helped to establish the capability of capturing cost-reduction / avoidance opportunities of 15-25 percent. Furthermore, we reduced barriers between functions. To reach sustainable value-capture the company created a new cost-engineering department enabling the organization for bottom-line impact in a collaborative activity with purchasing, supply chain and engineering in an end-to-end process.


The implementation of cost experts in a supportive manner helps to transform the effectiveness of collaboration between different functions and suppliers. Use the full potential of your network!

Florian Roth

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