Leveraging Global Business Services in Automotive

Top-performing companies outside the automotive sector are getting real value out of Global Business Services (GBS). By providing integrated, End-to-End business services across functions and regions GBS do not only enable companies to save up to 40-45% of their costs, but also to improve their overall competitiveness by delivering e.g. improved quality.

Learn how the automotive sector can catch-up and benefit from best practice examples from other industries.

The automotive sector lags behind

  • GBS delivers more than cost containment – it enables more competitiveness by active involvement in front-line business agendas
  • Adoption of GBS in the automotive sector shows development potential. Shared service centers have a strong tendency to operate per region and the services delivered are mostly traditional with Finance, HR and IT
  • A shift in focus towards a more holistic service offering across different functions, and increased scope will help to increase GBS maturity and realize greater benefits

Choosing the right mix in the right shape

  • There are different stages of GBS maturity, which imply promising ranges of savings
  • From functional (10-30% of savings) to fully integrated optimization (30-50% of savings). And even almost fully digitalized Business Services with savings up to 95%
  • However, providing value-creating business services also means breaking down functional siloes, sharing data across the whole organization and improving the collaboration between business units

It‘s not only about cost savings

  • GBS help to reduce operating costs and deliver solutions to drive efficiency in the business
  • Thanks to an integrated way of working, GBS also help to offer new service offerings quicker and thus help generate additional revenue
  • GBS offer the opportunity to operate cross-functionally, use best practice and deliver consistent quality that meet customer needs and hence enhances overall customer experience

There are three steps to get it right

  • We offer vast experience in designing business models and we will help you to think more strategically about GBS to allow the transformation into a new and simpler business model
  • We will help you explore non-conventional functions to identify the right scope and improve cooperation between functions
  • We know what it takes to set up and operate an effective GBS and will help you to design and build this in order for you to become faster, more agile and handle your data more efficiently

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