Strategic portfolio optimization in automotive

The automotive industry is fundamentally changing its strategy and focusing on new products, forms of mobility, business models, and overall servitization. This new reality demands a clear view of where to play along increasingly disrupted value chains and how to win these new forms of competition. In this context, agile portfolio management provides clear guidance.

The client was facing the following challenges

  • Highly complex products, solutions and service portfolio with different go-to market strategies
  • Generally low innovation speed due to long running and often disconnected innovation processes
  • High cost base, limited recurring revenue and ability to scale up

This is how we addressed the challenge

  • Baseline assessment of the existing product and service strategy
  • External benchmarking and the development of a competitive evaluation framework
  • Setup of portfolio management cockpit

The following benefits were achieved for the OEM

  • Short-term improvement measures to increase profit and loss performance
  • Business case for high impact, large scale transformation levers
  • Road mapping and setup of transformation office

We help manage product and service performance and identify opportunities to scale and grow

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