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The transformation of industries is more on everyone’s mind than ever. TSETINIS-EFESO believes that these transformations have been around for a long time. We have identified a constant element and optimized it: Transparency – created by a highly functional Program Management Office.

TSETINIS-EFESO’s INFINITY PMO provides solutions for greater effectiveness and efficiency using state of the art technology.

Complexity and uncertainty shape everyday business life

Industries are undergoing a significant transformation, with many people talking about the challenges of the future and the unprecedented obstacles that must be overcome. The way we work is being affected by global megatrends such as Supply Chain Resilience, Digital Transformation, and the Climate Change.

Non-transparency & missing practical relevance jeopardize success

The transformation of project-oriented work is in full swing, but how does the implementation look like? Often PMO deals with theoretical figures, without having access to real-time data and the resulting KPIs. Without this link, it’s not feasible to make immediate improvements to the company’s situation using agile methods or achieve long-term transformation in the operating model.

Rising to the challenges of a fast-changing world

  • Project timelines are shorter, requiring faster delivery and efficient management
  • Supply chain management is complex and requires risk management and resilience
  • Resource constraints and budget pressures require organizations to maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Stakeholders expect greater transparency and accountability from businesses

Handling a world that has gone off the rails is challenging but manageable

  • Infinity monitors progress of implementation continuously adjusts quickly so that solutions are implemented rapidly
  • Our PMO involves stakeholders throughout the process to ensure involvement, commitment & accountability in helping to implement solutions
  • Celebrate successes along the way so stakeholders can see the impact of their effort

Performance Management
Our Specialists

Working with the most qualified TSETINIS-EFESO Consultants is key to your success.

Speak with an expert in your industry who can help you move your company toward your specific goals. We implement our expertise in a very specific and targeted way and tailor the choice of methods to your individual requirements. In this way, we can ensure your long-term success.

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Partner and Managing Director

Profitability Programs
Performance Management
Product Costing

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Profitability & Cost Out Programs
Holistic Product Cost Optimization
Strategy & Organization Development

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