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Every industry is confronted with an enormous increase of data paired with a variety of data sources and high data complexity

Over the past 4 years, the global volume of big data has doubled, and it is projected to more than double again in the next 4 years. The multitude of data streams, coupled with new, nearly untested data sources, constitute an immense influx of information that needs to be managed. As the complexity of data increases, so does the level of expertise required from data professionals.

increase of data volume, streams and complexity

The Challenge: Purchasing organizations wasting resources on data management and fail to leverage their full saving potential

Siloed data systems within an organization often lead to fragmented data scattered across different departments, hindering efficient communication and collaboration. As a consequence, not only does this fragmentation create silos of information, but it also necessitates high manual effort to reconcile and integrate data from disparate sources. Without connected systems, employees are burdened with the time-consuming task of manually transferring data between systems, which not only increases the likelihood of errors but also reduces productivity.

Moreover, the lack of integration and utilization of external data sources exacerbates the issue. Many organizations fail to leverage external data effectively to identify opportunities for cost savings. By neglecting to incorporate external data sources into their analyses, they miss out on valuable insights that could lead to significant savings and strategic sourcing opportunities.

One department that particularly struggles with this issue is the purchasing department. Despite the critical role they play in cost management and strategic sourcing, purchasing departments often find themselves unable to derive actionable insights from the fragmented data at their disposal. Without a comprehensive view of internal and external data, they face challenges in identifying potential savings opportunities and making informed strategic decisions.

In summary, siloed data systems, disconnected systems, and underutilization of external data sources pose significant challenges for organizations. These challenges not only impede collaboration and efficiency but also hinder the ability to identify cost savings and drive strategic sourcing initiatives, particularly in departments like purchasing. Addressing these issues requires a concerted effort to break down data silos, integrate systems, and leverage external data effectively to drive actionable insights and improve decision-making processes.

30-50% wasted FTE resources for manual
data management

Up to 20% lost saving opportunities due to
unrecognized and unused negotiation levers

TSETINIS-EFESO procurement spend cube analytics: utilizing, structuring and merging data to derive maximum saving potentials on part number level – fast!

After extracting the internal big data with commodity structure or codes, purchasing order information¹, supplier master data and more, the TSETINIS-EFESO data analysis process follows, comprising a three-week process with the following consecutive steps:

As a result of this process, clear analysis fields are defined, from which potential savings can be derived at the part-number level. Additionally, individual strategic optimization potentials can be identified.

¹Price, time, supplier, part number, quantity, incoterm, receiving plant, etc.
RM = Raw Material

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