Reducing CO₂ Emissions by > 200k Tons/Year


The global manufacturing industry is increasingly investing in optimizing its carbon footprint. Reduction targets of 50 percent less emission, or 35 percent less energy consumption are very common. The new mindset for corporate executives is that investing in low emission technologies and implementing new behavior to reduce consumption is no longer just a cost issue.

Global aerospace & defense manufacturer going green

An emissions reduction strategy offers significant opportunities in cost cutting, technology and business. Our client, one of the world’s leading aerospace companies, strove to massively reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions across more than 60 European sites. The challenge of the project was driven by the number of production sites involved, their varying national energy markets, and regulations in each country.

The projected impact of CO₂ emissions scenarios is massive and has resulted in a call-for-action for leaders across the world


How the challenge was faced

The tasks:

  • analyzing current energy generation levels
  • validating the client’s carbon footprint
  • simulating investment strategies and calculated impact on the carbon footprint
  • adding a choice of three ‘big impact scenarios’ as potential game changers

> 200k t/a CO₂ in potential emissions reductions identified

The client was provided with a sound database and modelling tool enabling them to simulate the impact of local green power generation projects on carbon footprint and simultaneously analyze the financial benefits. All in all, potential emissions reductions of more than 200,000 t/a were identified against a target of 120,000 t/a. To assure a fast implementation we proposed the development of an Energy Roadmap and the installation of lighthouse projects.

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Quote internal BG (shaun-he-zTifOu0tAbc-unsplash).jpg


“The reason many CO₂ optimization programs fail is that ecological, technological, and economical interests are not well aligned – but this project shows what can actually be achieved.”

Jost Kamenik


Identifying > 200k t/a CO₂ emission reduction potentials for one of the world‘s leading Aerospace & Defence companies


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